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Buying A House 2

The first three weeks were form filling and copies of this and that to the bank, the lawyer and to the housing assocation that will own the other 50%. The lawyer has done the searches and so their website tells us, has a contract from Orbit; this was all on Friday.

Otherwise we have ordered a 2 & 3 seater lounge suite combo but it won't be with us for upto 9 weeks! We have looked at fridge, washing machine, bed etc too but will buy these abit closer to when we move. One thing is that we will have new furniture and not someone elses.

We are off to Spain at the end of the month so we may have everything happen at once. We wish!

Here's a photo - there are two buildings and 4 houses here!{curveimage} We will be the one on the righthand side of the left... this is called semi detatched as there is a shared wall between the houses, then a gap and then the other building on the right. We are off to have another look and to measure - more photos to follow.


Written by : Kath and Pete