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Christchurch Earthquake Vigil, London - Wed 2nd March, 2011. We think there were more like 3000 Kiwis and friends that attended, so many that the Cathederal could not take us all and we were outside. About 1000-1500 of us stood outside to hear the service and some messages from Christchurch people on the PA. Amazing that it was all put together in about 3 days. Organised on Facebook and mushroomed in 2 hours, NZ High Commision jumped and everyone got behind it. Red Cross took donations and we all felt at least that we were standing behind everyone back home.

{flv}Eq Vigil 1{/flv} Approx 2 min long.
{flv}Eq Vigil 2{/flv} Message from the PM.
{flv}Eq Vigil 3{/flv} Eyewitness accounts.